LESS Responsive Login Form

LESS Responsive Login Form

Template Name: LESS Responsive Login Form.

High Resolution: – Yes.

Compatible Browsers: – All Browser.

Source Files included: – HTML, Image, and LESS.

Here we used LESS(CSS Preprocessor) to make this simple and attractive login form with the help of HTML/CSS and LESS features as we use SASS/SCSS to complete the login form the same as we used LESS to make this form.

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What is LESS?

LESS is a dynamic CSS Preprocessor for doing CSS code in the min and generating CSS files and using an HTML page. Comparing SASS and LESS are mostly the same functionally wise and features-wise, but the main point is that the written pattern is different. We used "@" for variables in a LESS, and other features like mixing and nesting are the same as SASS/SCSS.

We used a simple HTML form tag with an input and button tag in this login form, and we usually used CSS properties. For doing the login form in LESS, we used nesting rules, and for colours, we used variables. To make it responsive, we also used media query.

Make it yours now by using it, downloading it, and please share it. we will design more elements for you.

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