Split.js Resizeable Split Image Views

Split js Resizeable Split Image Views

Split.js Resizeable Split Image Views

Template Name: Split.js Resizeable Split Image Views.

High Resolution: – Yes.

Compatible Browsers: – All Browser.

Source Files included: – HTML, Internal CSS, Images and CDN.

Split.js is a tiny resizeable split jquery plugin with the help of CSS float and flex properties. So here, we made a simple Resizeable Split view using this library. Also, this liberty has mainly supported all browsers.

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To make a split-view, we used event listeners and some CSS properties. We used only gutterSize for spacing and sizes for splitting images to make this element split views. Here we used two photos to make these effects first one is original images, and the second one is black. To see the split effects, you have to hover and move the mouse's right side.

Make it yours now by using it, downloading it, and please share it.

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